About Find your Journey, a better Travel Quiz

Find your Journey is a free tool that help the user to find a travel destination. We all agree that sometime is hard for us to choose a place for the next holiday, here is where FYJ comes to help you with travel suggestions. We make your job more easy and we offer distinct travel tips according to your personality. The main filter criteria for our travels are:

  • travel by gender
  • travel by occupation
  • travel by star
  • travel by desire
  • travel by spare time

All this filters are followed by a short description and explain why you should visit that place. Be aware that we offer you the best reason for your choose. We also give you a list of 10 places around you for a radius of 25 km.
Fell free to use the report something menu if you notice one of the following issue:

  • Design issue
  • Technical issue
  • Privacy violence
  • Other

About your data:
We are not using your personal information in any commercial purpose. The main purpose for your data is to give you a perfect result and to be able to sent them trough email.

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